I'm Here To Be A True Friend

Hi, my name is Alisha and I've joined EP. I'm a kind, loving person and I listen to people's problems and help people get through the tough times. I just want to say that I am here for anyone who needs a friend and I am a true friend who is certainly not a fake. I am usualy always online, so I am available any time someone needs to chat and I promise to understand your pain, and I won't judge you, I will treat you with love and kindness. Anyone who needs a friend, I'm here. Always. Thank you for reading.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Please add me, I am in need for people like you that I can chat and yes I have PROBLEMS.... in advance thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Maybe you can help me, Im having a hard time and dont know what to do, i dont have any true friend to ask for help and Im really desperate for help

That would make me very happy