Stand Up For An Injured Veteran

Please help an injured veteran get justice. Canadian based PCL construction came to Texas on a multi-million dollar project (MOTIVA CEP) and behind a seriously injured American veteran following a crane accident. PCL claims no liability due to an extremely lax worker's compensation law that was designed to attract BIG BUSINESS rather than provide proper care for injured workers. Is this how we want our veterans and other injured workers treated? Please contact PCL at 303-365-6500 and demand that PCL recognize its moral and ethical responsibilities to ALL workers in this country..and contact your congressman and request an invesigation into this matter. The vet's name is Chase Ford and he may be contacte at 409-499-9425 for encouragement and support. Thank you and may God bless !
AmerVet AmerVet
1 Response May 16, 2012

I am aware of the circumstances of that case. PCL has done nothing to correct this matter at this time.