Need A Friend?

I do...I am a good listener and give decent advice. I could use someone honest to chat with about things in life. You know bounce things off each other. Ive been through alot in my life and hope to meet a special friend with whom i can share stories,problems,advice with.
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tigerbabe the wonderful thing about EP is there are so many people who are willing to reachout and make a connection with another for one reason or another that you just have to ask and we will be their, to listen, to advise if wanted, or just be a friend. feel free to message me as well.

please add me as I cannot add u

I'm down :) and I already have thoughts to share. I don't mind everyone reading and telling me what they think. So... where do I begin? I think I'm afraid to love my mate, and by that I mean that I feel so emotionally drained that I can't keep getting excited over you only to be rejected, insulted, and disrespected. He's a really sweet, caring, and strong willed person, but he is also stressed, tired, and worried about everything. Which is why sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time thinking about myself all the time? Am I selfish? Am I appreciative enough? How can I be less of a burden?Its not bad all the time, I just can't seem to shake the stuff that's happened this past year. We had our first child this summer, but I made that decision alone; and I made it a requirement for myself to accept the possibility that we would probably separate. My pregnancy was wonderful, my baby was so well behaved inside, no morning sickness, I worked, stayed pretty small, enjoyed time off, but we also fought or rather he yelled and I listened because I just didn't have it in me to argue. Then one day I asked him if after the baby was born if he wanted me/ us to leave... Did he want our relationship to end and he said... "I don't know". Then he stopped having sex with me, and lied about his reason. When I asked he said he didn't want to hurt the baby (I was 3 months pregnant then). So we didn't have sex for 7 months because he was angry with me and didn't know where our relationship was going. Did he cheat? Because when I was 34 weeks he didn't come home one night. He says nothing happened.... In the 5yrs that we've been together, that has NEVER happened.One day I also asked if he still wanted to marry me (we're engaged), he hesitated and stated that yes, but if I were to suggest getting married now he wouldn't do it. His reason: I'm unstable and he's not sure if I'll improve in my personal life. (I don't have a steady career, no savings, no family (not active family), nothing. I also just rec'd my AA at age 30, I have no car, no friends, and I failed my entry exams for Hygiene school. My birthday was 13 days after I had my son; I didn't get a card, a flower, dinner, a walk to the park, a blockbuster night, nothing. I was especially emotional at this point because I had the baby and all of my dreams blew up in smithereens when I failed my test the few months past. So, after a few days of crying and analyzing I confronted him and poured out my feeling of hurt and pain and how I understood that we had a lot going on right now so nothing big was expected, but... In the midst of my tears he says, "Good", "I'm glad you felt that way, I hope u had an epiphany... You're lucky you have somewhere to sleep". Does someone who reacts this way always stay like this? Am I motivating him to be such a cruel and seemingly heartless person? I've always admired his honesty, but is he being honest or just an *******?

well to be honest from what I've read, the stress levels are/were too high, and I'm talking for both of you. but someone who is committed to a relationship shouldn't treat their partner as such. I understand the hardships of the economies at this point are hard and having a kid is no easy task to add to it. but it feels like one or both of you are giving up on eachother. I think their needs to be a rekindling of sorts done with any family you have whether a phone call or a visit. something that will break the ice. and also a rekindling of you and your mate. a get away from the responsibilities for a weekend and judge from there. there are a lot if things that could be causing these issues, and is hard to hit the main topic. feel free to message me in the future. maybe we can try and uncover the bug issues.

please add me as well, I also cannot add you

Wow @Prettygirl...anytime u need to talk you can message me we seem to have things in common and i think we can help each other out:^)

now you are in my circle plz add me as friend i always love to make friend and enjoy to read any message from friend

I feel the same way.. I am 42 and NEVER had a friend in my life... I would like to be your friend.. :)

Anytime you want to bounce problems and/or advice im here :)