I Am Here..

I know the value of a true friend, which i never had in my life ... so i would like to be TRUE to anyone who really needs a friend.. i am not saying that i'll share only your happiness... i'll never turn back when you really need anyone in your trouble...
vachya vachya
22-25, F
10 Responses Oct 6, 2012


I need a friend

hi do u want to talk?

you can mail me dear or come for chatting

Hi :) I need a friend...

Sure ;-)

really?xxxxxx baby g you can count on me if ever you wanna talk to me?xxxxxxx

ya really.... thank u offering me a shoulder, sure we will catch up sometime :-)

It's okay x :)

It would be nice to have a good friend. I'm kinda shy on here and really don't know how to go about making friends.

everyone need true friends but often we fail in finding them..

i wish to be your friend

why not sure :-)

this is verrry nice of you, back atcha. hope we can become friends(:

thank u and sure dear :-)

Thank you my dear friend and hope i can be true to you as well...

Thank u :-)

I hope we can be good friends Vachya :)

Sure dear :-)