This Is Not A Drill If You Need A Friend

I know a lot of peole say this ...but I am one who firmly believes that I can at least try to help someone here. My hope is that by offering an ear....a shoulder to cry on....some suggestions on how to handle a situation that I may be a positive influence or help to someone here. By these kinds of websites....I am an old man....thats ok....I have a lot of exeperiences and have learned much....I have many unique experiences that I feel may be a help to someone here....I am open and honest and am not a judge....just an open ear that is willing to listen and try to offer some help........your call.....God Bless
51-55, M
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For one, your not old just full of life experience. I'm in love with a 47 year old man and he isnt old to me. He cares for me as a friend and looks out for me. I want a husband just like him. sadly my ex of 8 yrs pales in comparison. At least I know what Im looking for even if it took me 8 yrs. What do i do if i know who i want and i will never have them? look and hope for someone similar? I want this man. I guess i will be lonely and wish for him the rest of my life.

I am looking for someone to listen... To be honey when I read " old man" I'd prefer a woman my age with similar life wcperinces... But you never know who can be that person who helps you through

im always willing to listen and offer thoughts.....

God bless you to

Thanks Batovn thanks your sincere approach to an otherwise often sham venue used more for self gratification than a true wish to help others....

..since you are old and experienced i will like to hear you :)

who came first? egg? chicken? or mum in law?

mum in law.....she is older then dirt....KIDDING!!!! says God created the I will go with that!!!

okie once upon a time your mum in law was a chicken that makes ur dad in law?

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