Not Being Good Enough Wont Matter When Paradise

Why do i try ? Everything I do is just one big disappointment.
For you . For me.
I still stay up countless nights , countless hours crying ,
trying to find the answer to all of my problems.
I don't find space for me in this world .
Nobody is ever content with what i do.
Life puts me as its last priority.
There's so much a person can take until they make the decision of ending all of the pain themselves.
I feel like I'm alone
no, I am alone.
I drown in my inner thoughts as they
get louder and louder
the tears run down my face
faster and faster
I sink my face into my pillow
deeper and deeper
hoping to fall into a paradise world
where I am GOOD enough.
where there are no standards
where not being good enough is okay
because nobody will care if you're not good enough
the only thing that will matter is that you're here
with me..
SexGoddess21 SexGoddess21
18-21, F
Nov 17, 2012