I Am An Island

The last person I called my best friend really broke my heart this last summer. She was in a bad relationship with a guy and when he left her on Mother's Day, I agreed to move in and split the rent with her. For weeks, she talked about how awesome it was going to be to live together and how we would have a bachelorette pad and she would never ever take the sleazeball back. So I give my notice to my landlord, pack everything up and go to live with her and her son. A couple weeks later, guess who starts coming around? Yep, he moved back in and I had to move out. I had nowhere to go! She really did me dirty and the whole thing was really awkward and we didn't even talk about it. We just stopped talking altogether. It really hurts.
I have no friends. I tried to meet people at work. They say oh yeah we should hang out, but it never happens.... I tried to meet people online and they turn out to be not who they appear to be ...or we don't have much in common.
I am an island.
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I've learned recently that everyone feels a little reluctant when it comes to making a point to hang out with new people... We always say to people "Oh, yeah we should start hanging out!" but it's scary to actually put yourself out there and make it happen. Don't take it personally. It's true that they haven't stepped up and made plans with you, but just remember that you haven't taken the initiative and made those plans either. Sometimes you just have to jump into it and really put some effort into make the plans for that first get-together with a new friend. It's scary at first, but I've figured out that it's usually worth it. :) I've noticed that a lot of us get caught off guard in our early 20's because all of a sudden we're out of school and we aren't really thrown into spending time with new people anymore - we have to work for it, and if we don't know where to start it can get really lonely.

I stopped making plans with people because they always bail on me. I used to try to make solid plans all the time... they would always agree at first but then on the day of the plan, something would always happen... Excuses excuses.

Aww, yeah I hate getting bailed on. I have some friends who are really flaky like that. I just try to figure out who I can rely on and who I can't, and that way I don't get my feelings hurt when the unreliable ones don't carry through. I'm sure it's nothing personal - some people are just horrible at keeping plans =/

Unfortunately I don't have any I can rely on... they are all like that.. soo this is who I got into the boat of having no friends. :(

It's never too late to start over and find a whole different group of people. :) Not everyone is like that. If they make you feel lonely all the time, they're probably not worth your time anyway. Or there's always internet friends! hehe

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Yeah that can really suck. I really do get how you feel. Its hard holding onto a friend when you are the only one really willing to fight for the relationship. You are being a good friend and helping your bff out, and they turn around and betray that trust by using you. I have had that happen to me in the past, and it can hurt. It took me a while to get over the same type of situation myself, but don't give up you will find the friendship you are looking for, and if you want you can want to talk, chat, or have some all around girl talk you can message me.


hey sorry to hear about your friendship... hope youre okay.. you wanna talk?