Why Do People Only Talk To Opposite Gender Here?

Whenever I add a guy in my friends circle he does not add me back, but girls add me back, why people are always looking to talk to opposite gender on internet?, I believe that we loose many good people if we only try to make friends of opposite gender, we should make friends regardless of age and gender and try to learn from anybody, and also enjoy conversation with everybody, I am a very social person and I dont like when males dont make male friends just because they are of same gender, In the end I want to say one thing its only ur loss if u dont like to make online friends of ur same gender, u r missing big fun and many good people of ur type around..
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That is a very good point and I'm glad I haven't missed out on one yet.

As a rule, I will talk with anybody.

Sure there are many I will not add as friends I am just not into seeing other shares, they wives with other men.


I have many interests, but it seems so many just have certain things on their minds.

I love speed I do not care if it is four wheels two wheels or on water,
I love to build cars sure I lose money each time I build one, but it is the fun of just building it for me granted most are only boarder lines legal after there are built.
And face it the look on some kids faces as he pulls up next to my 1988 mustang and revs his little
Camero up as I reach down and hit the trigger switch to on then hit the punch buttons, and you see two green clouds coming up in front of the windshield and her creeps away no longer interested in playing with an old man and in a little fox body.

And I like you say to do not show sadness as I know men are supposed to love and leave bs but I still miss my wife who was killed when she was just 19.

thts verymuch true.


Trust me, no homo but trust me its true it happens a lot for example most of my circle lot chicks lol


you are right, but there is universal law of nature "opposites attract and like repel each other", must have read that in science. And this law has its influence on all, be magnetic fields, electrical charges, humans or animals. Well, its not easy to get rid of this basic instinct completely, but also not good to be always in influence of this.

why forgot your same gender friend, feel free to talk to me whenever you want to.

very nice thoughts sir, u always inspire me, yes u r one of my those frnds whom i like to talk to the most

Hi m8.Lets talk.


It depends on the kind of person you are trying to add at times as well as the groups you and he both have. More people profile stalk when we send add requests than we realize...but there will always be the ones that are only here for girls lol

yes u r right, agreed lol :p

Great story :)

Thank u so much :)