Okay back in 2003 I learn that my dad had over 55 kids! Do you think I can find them all? World how many sibs do you got hit me up!
JonMck JonMck
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Yeah give or take a few years , when I was ten I found out my dad wasn't my dad then discovered had 2 sister and a brother and this year I found out about 2 more sisters and 1 more brother lol

Dang lol I know how you feel!

Yeah lol it was a what the fck moment

Hahahaha yeah

over 55 kids? OMG..that is a lot. I recently found out that I have 2 more siblings that I hadn't known about and that was a shocker. Is that for real?

That would be very difficult to find that many.