Dear, Santa

What I want for Christmas this year is
1. A job
2. A house because i'm tired of being homeless 6 years long enough
3. A big booty white girl who loves me for me! lol naw just a sweet girl any race lol
4. A new phone I just want a Wal-Mart Straight talk like I got now but alot better
5. To make alot of new friends who will be there for me when I call on them
6. A new laptop because mine broke :(
7. For my home girl FranAdore to come to the U.S. for a while :D
8. For my momma to keep being happy
9. For Hideko, And all my friends I made on EP to send me a Christmas Card
10. To let the world feel God's love and to know that he's there and won't leave
11. Some new shoes! These old shoes are worn out to the max
12. To have some new clothes tired of wearing the same thang everyday
13. To have some money in my pocket
14. A car for the love of God a car
15. To learn how to drive lol :P
16. To change ppl lives when they hear my story
17. To lose this type 2 this year

I guess that's it
JonMck JonMck
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Dear Santa,
I want a rope hang my neck,
i want a ghost turn to life
i want a lover to be visible
i want a knife cut me off