Hi Im Georg

I just want to let know that Im here in case you want to talk about something serious or just chat.

I shall not promise friendship from the very beggining though, friendship needs to be gained, not given. Feel free to talk to me.


Georgrosa Georgrosa
22-25, M
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Well I have a situation I been having sex with this one guy for 3 yrs and I put on a condom on him and he took it off somehow during whatever and now I'm pregnant ...... I was really pist of at him to the point were I want to hurt him.... now he knows and he doesn't want it .... I don't believe in abortion and he keeps on insisting that I do it cuz he don't want to be involve or be a dad to this child.....I grew up with only a mother and no dad.... I just want someone to talk to

hey there lady...I can understand what you are going through...it is certainly an unwanted situation in your life...

do let me know if you would like to chat on pm...:)

Sure y not

great...not letting me add you or send you a message...will wait for you to do the needful so we can chat on here :)

hey lady I understand that matter, wanna chat on pm?

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