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hi if you are feeling lonely or just need an ear i am here for you, i will be your friend if you need one we can talk about anything you need to or just joke and be silly any one out there who needs a friend drop by and see me all are welcome plenty of syber hugs to go around
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I was in a relationship with this guy, he was my first boyfriend, he said he loved me and that he would look after but it turns out it was all a lie as he just wanted to get back with his ex and he said he was bored, we didnt date for very long but it hurts, I haven't cried I just feel like someone punched me in the gut and stabbed by heart. I now feel like I have nobody and I don't know what to do because I can't seem to stop thinking about him but I just want him off my mind and out of my life.

oh hun big hugs the old saying time heals all wounds is true time will get him out of your head and heart if you need a friend to talk to just add me i would love to have you as a friend

I'm sorry :( I know it must hurt now, because nobody should ever be treated that way, but since he was your first boyfriend, once it stops hurting so much you can turn him into an example of exactly the kind of guy you never want to date again. You deserve better, and the pain you're going through now can help keep you from ever letting another guy come into your life who's as undeserving as this guy ended up being. :)

it isnt my first boyfriend hun i am married now for the 3rd time divorced one widowed 2nd time i am now married for the 3rd time

Oh, that was directed at Ermr for her comment/story :)

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Since my best friend past away it seem so hard to find new friends in person or online..

i know t you mean i will be here if you need me hun i need a friend to

i am sorry for your loss


It means a lot to me morally.

i have been very lonely and had no friends so i know how that feels i want to help whoever i can and make new friends