I've Been Lucky and I Want to Share It

I was lucky to fund EP cause I had no one to talk with about me ... secret.

The one real friend I had was a coworker, she was an amazing woman. I never told her my secret but she knew me better than I knew my self. We had been working to other for a year or so and one afternoon went to lunch. Sitting across from me she just asked, "Are you transgendered." I wasn't sure what I should say and she said don't worry that it was okay.

She went on to tell me about her cousin who was the same and how since he was not understood and accepted went on to kill himself because of it. She said that she would keep my secret as long as I wanted and would always be there for me. She was, for over 10 years she was a friend and a confidant. I talked my heart out and she listened and accepted me. With her help the battle that raged within I overcame.

I lost her 8 years ago when she died from cancer. A magnificent wonderful lady and a dear dear friend that I can never thank enough or replace.

So what I decided to do was always reach out and help others the way she helped me. I'll listen and not judge. I'll be a sounding board or a shoulder or someone to just tell a joke to if that's what you need.

Now that's not to say I might not give you advice so maybe you don't hurt yourself or do something that we'll both know you'll regret.

So regardless, I'll be an email away. An ear and a friend.

Josie06 Josie06
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The world need more souls like you,believe me,in today`s life real friends are few.I have had a very difficult life and no friends to support me,still have none.I admire people like you.Just keep being you and do what you do best regardless of what other people say or think.Always remember that our Creator does not judge nor condemn you,no matter what all the different religions are saying or what has been written.Everything is good and perfect,it is us the people that judge and condemn.That is the way we were taught to be.

Hi and thank you for your offer of friendship. I see we are in the same age group. I am new here. I did what others have done and typed "lonely" into my search engine......<br />
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I don't feel like typing much right now, but I need some contact with others who understand where I'm coming from. The bad experiences never end in my life and it NEVER gets any better, only worse. <br />
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I spent many years as a hopeful single mom--thinking if I looked good, was in great shape--smiling at people--working with the public--that I would meet a man who would really love me and appreciate me. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I get it now! (at 58)<br />
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The constant rejection and betrayal is unbearable and I can't take it anymore. Everyone, without exception has rejected me. I don't know how I can go on like this. My own adult children hate me and I just lost my mom and dad and only sister......nice the way my daughters have chosen to abandon me now. (I was a far from perfect mom, but I wasn't ALL bad)--and with them being grown up we were getting along quite well and as soon as my mom and dad and sister died they decide to turn on me. <br />
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It's more than a person, with no support from anyone, can take.

I don't know what to say and hardly know where to start. For me, EP gave me the place to write and talk about my feelings. Friends here came with time, true friends come with time. Nothing quick. Building friendships is never quick. I can not say it will work for everyone but writing worked for me. Be safe aloneinseattle.

I am a divorcie and a widowwith a man now for 16 years .he has termanal cancer...I need to talk to someone

God bless you. xxx

This is so beautiful of you , rare people can make such an choice. I admire you, you are an really blessed person on this world.<br />
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Thank God for souls like your's.

I admire your attitude, Josie. But be careful, my friend. The world may not always deserve or feel grateful for your higher sense of sympathy and awareness. In fact the world scorns people like you.