I'm Lonely And Hopeless

Hello Guys ... I just discovered that I'm HIV+ two months ago !!
I'm Arabian and Muslim ... lives in Moscow
therefor I can't tell anybody about my situation cuz if you have any idea about my culture and faith you will know why !!
The Russian government don't allow foreign people with that disease to keep living here for a while
but in fact they don't know about nobody knows ... because I made anonymous test !!
it's very rough to hold the whole weight of that case ... i'm tired depressed and hopeless !!
thanks for interests .. and I wish if anybody have any idea ... i'll be grateful !!
Mosha90 Mosha90
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Maybe you can move somewhere you are allowed to live permanently; where you will not be judged or ignored; I'm sure there must be some kinds of support groups in that part of the world. Best wishes

thank you ... I'm thinking about it ... !! but have no idea where to go ...anyway I appreciate your concern

Maybe the U.S.A or where healthcare is free, like France or Canada. It's not a problem, you are very welcome :-)