Yeah my life may seem like its fine
everything may seem like its right
You might be thinking that
I'm just a teenager
I got a whole life to live
and why am i worrying
about stupid little things
but its those stupid little things that
bother me the most
it bothers me to know that i can walk into a room where there is just me and you and you still wont see me

You drive me a little crazy
gotta snap out of this.
your eyes
honey brown Ooh!
boy YOUR smile!
takes me a while
your ways
YOU leave me with nothing to say!
your words
is the spell im under baby.
I've been thinking lately
that maybe you and me could kick it for a while tonight
sit back and realize
that i think you should know
i could give you 1000 reasons why im so head over heels into you or 1000 reason as to why i hate you
Its this contradicting feeling that gives us meaning

i cant picture myself with someone else that's not you
i cant do anything with anyone else unless its with you
it'll be the only way it'll feel right
the only way things will be right
In my mind and
In real life.
JUST realize
Open your eyes
you might
just find
the road to the paradise you've been dreaming of.

****STILL WORKING on this .
SexGoddess21 SexGoddess21
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

i hate when people tell us not to be sad because we're still young. We feel even more pain because of it i think. If you need anyone to talk to, i'm here. and good work, above

thank you .