To my friend u know who u are
.you are sweet and kined and always on time

Like a pack of wolfs we have each others backs
Like wolfs we run togher...we cry toghether..we laugh togher

I know times are hard..and the pain sucks
I know how u feel and i am here for u like u are for me
We must stick togher
I beg of u dont do something stuped....
because u are never alone...

We may look at each day like hell
because sometimes it is
I should be doing my homework right now
But id rather talk to u

So this is from my heart to yours..
you are like my long distance sister
And i have no idea how u feel about me
But i love u like family

To:you know who
starjay starjay
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 31, 2013

Its cool i know

It has grammatical and spelling errors.Overall,it's just very generic. Sorry,but how would you learn if I just lied to you?

:)glad because its for u