Help The Helper.

Hi :) my name is Sandra. I like helping people and most of the time I find myself putting other's needs first. Over the years, I've learnt to look strong and be strong for those who need me. I can't quite show much emotion because I have to be the rock which they lean on. And that kinda sucks. I know it's a role I've handed to myself and I should get rid of it but it's a tad hard... :(

See, I don't need an entire bunch of girls who can help me when I need help. I just want one person who is there for me as much as I'm there for them. Sometimes, the helper also needs a shoulder to cry on.

I just want someone to talk to. I hope I'll find someone here.
sandycares sandycares
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 2, 2013

I know how you feel I'm very much the same. You can talk to me if you'd like? :)

Thanks :) I'd like that very much :)

Wanted to message you but can't access your profile... :/

I can't access yours either.. I'll go through my settings and see if I can fix that

Well I still can't access yours but you should be able to get to mine now :)

Ok, thank you :)

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