Hello, everybody. I posted something earlier, but it seemed...I don't know what it seemed, but I just didn't like it.

I'm currently attending college and I have a job. I don't really do much outside of those two things. Sometimes I hang out with friends, but I honestly don't have that many friends. A lot of them have drifted away for a variety of reasons. So I found this website and thought maybe it would be a good way to find some people to connect with and just be me.

I've never been an outgoing person, but I try to be kind to everyone. It seems like I can never find anything to say, which sucks because I want to talk, I want to have something good to say. It's not like I want to have a trillion friends, but having people know that I exist would be nice (perhaps I was exaggerating a bit there)...you get my drift. I just want to be a better version of me. Someone that people will want to talk to and hang out with. I realize that talking to people online isn't the best way to do the second part of that, but I'm hoping to meet some interesting people on here.

Lately I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately because I've come to realize that I don't really do much. Even before I attended college and had a job. I was never involved in any clubs or sports (I don't like sports nor am I good at them). I just have to motivation to do anything. And this may sound completely pathetic, but I've become obsessed with my looks, not in a iputtonsofmakeuponmyface sort of way, but just in a way where I constantly look in the mirror and I worry about what people think of how I look. All I want is to be beautiful, which is sad because I never used to be that way. I mean I never thought I was pretty, but I was never thinking about my looks all the time. And I feel like it has to do with my whole self esteem issue. I just don't know what to do.

Advice/comments/looking for a friend?

Random note: I feel british today, I don't know why. Awk...
Anywway, that's that.

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Feb 3, 2013