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Reality Of The Life

Ah,maybe you are younger as me..Or you are not.. While you grow up,you feel lots of things.. I am 20 years old, I feel like this; I have met reality of life, and It say me that; ' You are alone in this life,you don't have anyfriends who understand you and able to share something between each other' This is right! I always talk with myself,I think I can understand myself better than other people as Bob said.I don't know what I feel when I 30 years old.. I'll got a job, I'll got a responsibilities.. Will I able to deal with these things? don't know,but I know that; Since 2013 year,I have been looking this world different than people who around me..They live with traditional things.. Can I live in traditional system? NOOOOO! I'll kill myself! Reality of the life is,Everybodies live with their ideas. I mean, conservative people live with their conservative thinks. I am really curosity that, If one person didn't able to find himself,would he able to be happy? For example, If I hadn't left my family's traditional system,would I able to be happy? I don't know actually.Maybe, Traditional people's are really happy..Why? Because They live with together,understand me? they live with same ideas,same things..Getting married,do children, live your life which is as same as others. Life depends for persons. Someone lives for his family, or love, sex,car,property.Reality of the life, very disputable thing.Thank you for reading my thinks.And get back me an answer, What do you think about reality of the life? Whats the life? What do you live for?
yuriorlov yuriorlov 18-21, M 1 Response Feb 15, 2013

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I live for family and love...
I think I will all my life looking on my life diamant in myself and learning about happiness...
life is a long ,long way,we just take decision on wich way we will go...

Sure.. The important thing,we must choose something by ourselves. For example,I hadn't been free while my family was controlling me..They choosed my school,they controlled my clothes which I had to wear.. I was really unhappy,but I have been controlling myself for 2-3 years..Now I am really happy.. you know,we learn something in this life at everytime.. You live for your family,and you are happy cause of you choosed to have family in your life.. your parent's didn't say you antyhing about it..You choosed live your own life which comes from your hearth. :) I am glad to having friend like you.