I need some advice I have this friend that I've known forever I've tried to comprehend the reason for this but all I could come up with is jealousy so anyway I have this friend that follows me everywhere wants to know what I talk to my other friends about and why. Witch is ok and doesn't bother me much but then he started trying to get rid of my friends by getting them in trouble expelled ect it's been 2 years and nothings changed he's now trying to target my girlfriend But trying to get in the middle is our relationship by trying to get her to date him and push us apart but when I confront him about it he breaks down and makes me feel bad he does this a lot as soon as I like feel bad he's happy all of a sudden so I think he's faking it just so I will stop asking him about it. He says he's my best Friend but he doesn't respect any of my stuff or my friends but I'm his only friend so if I in friend him I'm afraid he might do something stupid and commit suicide PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE idk what to do
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Go camping , just the two of you, camping gear and a pup tent. Have.your parents drop you off. A nice public campground, y'know, with restrooms. Get a campfire going, have some soda, crack some jokes. Toward sunset, while the hot dogs are cooking, tell him you have to use the john, have him watch the hot dogs. While you're at the john, call another friend to pick you up at the campground entrance. Leave your strange friend where he is.

that my boy is easy he loves you