I can get lonely sometimes because I don't talk to a lot of people. I do enjoy talking to others and making new friends. When someone is lost and in need of support, having a friend makes a huge difference. I am new to this site and I would enjoy talking to anyone whether it's because your bored and we have things in common or if your going through something, Message me anytime :)
yennafur yennafur
26-30, F
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Will u really response if i msg u :p

Yes I will

i had a lot of unfulfilled wishes i wish that my world will be one day shared by a group of friends and not just any 'friends',but really real friends

I apologize are you okay?

Why don't you talk to a lot of people?

I don't like pestering people, I try to talk to other people and don't always get a response. Either they have nothing to say or they are too busy sometimes to talk, or don't want to talk. I'm not sure. I'm not good at initiating conversations either.

Sounds like what usually happens to me. However, if I didn't initiate any conversations, then no one would EVER talk to me. So I've had to "pester" people just to maintain some contact with them. Ugh.

Yeah well I try daily, lol.

Welcome, It is a nice place to get your mind off of things or get interesting feedback. Vent frustrations. I may be to old to message you. Just saw your new and wanted to say hi.

thank you :), I don't mind chatting no matter the age.

Would love more friends to help through my rough times if you are offering

I am, feel free to message me