Thank You

I trully believe that friendship is one of the greatest gifts that we can have in our lifes..i have been blessed by people around me, they have changed my world and shifted my reality by entering into my life...i hope you all know how grateful i am for having you and i am always there for you no matter what...if you are right or wrong i still will be by your side, ill be with you guys in the moments when you need help and i will be cheering along in the happiest moments of your life..BFF

but for all those who feel lonely, who needs a shoulder to cry on or maybe on a contrary needs someone to laugh with i just want to tell that i am here...if anyone wants to talk or share the problem you know where to find me:)

SenseOfImpendingLove SenseOfImpendingLove
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I'm new on here, and I've just been browsing some of the stories posted. I find this so refreshing to hear someone talk about friendship as a gift and a blessing because it truly is. So many people take friendships for granted. If only more people in the world cherished it, there would be less lonely and hurt people out there. This was inspiring...thank you.