I had a friend, Camille, that was, at one point a good friend. She started dating my step brother. After leaving him for a main line heroin addict,(true), she claimed my step brother showed up at her house and forced himself on her. To be fair, she never actually said the word, rape; but the implication was there. My step brother is not terribly bright, nice guy but he is 45 going on 12. He has poor impulse control, drinks beyond excessively, and has gotten physical with other women in the past. We think he has Asberger's Syndrome. He says and does things that are way beyond the bounds of polite society.

    In my defense, he does have a history of not taking "No" as an answer. I was upset and told my step mother, who then claimed it was my fault since she (Camille) was my friend.  I was embarrassed to speak directly to my step brother about it. Then I asked his brother to speak with him. So the whole family is in an uproar. The ex-friend in question, was at my step brothers house and when David ( Greg's brother, my step brother) mentioned the incident to her she laughed, like it was a big joke. That was almost a year ago. She has moved back in, across the street from us with Greg, whom we rent from. My husband thinks I should forgive and forget since it makes our living here difficult.  But I can't. I am feeling foolish for believing her lies. I have very few things that really p*ss me off but lying is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I want nothing to do with her, but now she is playing "lady of the manor" and telling my husband what she wants done.

    So I guess I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe I am being judgmental, or maybe just stubborn, but I feel as if she should apologize for lying. I still won't want to hang out and coffee clotch with her but perhaps I wouldn't want so desperately for her to just go crawl back under the the rock she came from.


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I think I won't be of much help, since I've had something similar happen, and I still haven't forgiven the people yet. It is just so hard for me to, because of how incomprehensibly horrible the people were. I think you have every right to be angry, but maybe your anger will only hold you back. But, at the same time, you also can't help it! Neither can I; I hate liars (also one of my biggest pet peeves). As for her ordering your husband around, I think you should definitely say something to her. While it may lead to an argument, I think you might regret it later, if you don't tell her off.

..when we or our family members or friends are ACCUSED of something we believe is not true:-<br />
<br />
per OUR 'natural','human' response WE DO FEEL not only infuriated but also compelled to prove the truth{it feels that our respect, dignity would be restored ONLY when we have proved to the world 'what a numb-brained' liar that false accuser is'} !! We forget we need to reject liars at that point as their laughable true colours have come out{proved they are not worth it}. We KNOW 'the truth' - we don't need to prove it to anyone for anything. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH A SIMILAR SITUATION - THAT'S WHEN I REALIZED ALL THIS... am not trying to be 'a gospel of wisdom' or anything .. lololololololol !! But hey ! I dare say that I am proud of you for "Karma is a royal ***** and eventually her lies will come back to bite her right in the rear. :)". Yes !! YOU already knew it .. THAT 'is' the law ETERNAL .

Thanks for the input. I guess I am just being stupid about the whole thing. I should just take it in stride and forget it. Karma is a royal ***** and eventually her lies will come back to bite her right in the rear. :) unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues. LOL Thanks for taking the time to write me. You are right.

..the more you get irritated the more she'll !@#$%$$##@!#$%^%$#@ !!!!!! Play indifferent to ANYTHING of her's ... like u hardly know her ! Believe me you'll be more than just a bit amused - as you will witness her gimmicks becoming her OWN noose .. since she is going on with 'Attention Getting Behaviour'. LOOK at the kind of person THIS FEMALE is - UTTERLY LAUGHABLE !! I could never have imagined as a little kid that such strange,ridiculous people existed too !!{..lololololololol - I have come across a few believe me !} And what else could one do but suppress a laugh at their antics ?? HECK !!!! they don't even charge for it !{Please do tell me - if this post helped changing perspectives a bit.}