Oh but the sex is important! EP is a great learning area. So many new things...

but besides the sex, I have been enjoying the camaraderie of EP. There is that 'we're all in this together' aspect that I really appreciate. You just can't have that with your real life friends. Not in the 'sex' area anyway!
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Oh no, LSX, we're with you I think ;)

Vive la friendship. <br />
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Rex it's very gratifying, discovering that so many perverted people are also so ... decent (!)

I totally agree with what XR and RL have so nicely said.. <br />
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For me, my EP adventure didn't start out as a sexual exploration, more like a whole-self exploration, which has included the sexual side of my being. I have made the most amazing amazing friendships here. <br />
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I don't think I really ever knew what it meant to be truly myself with a friend (other than xROcks), and that friendships could be so open and honest.