People Just Don't Believe It

I want to make this world a better one. How to do that is by making a difference in people's lives. People are important to me, even if they are strangers. I'm here for those who believe they are unlovable, who believe everyone hates them, or just plain people. I am a person who understands more than I thought. If you don't believe that I can help, just ask my friends how I am. My goal is to make a better world, and by doing that I must help in anyway that I can. Whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional, or any other way imaginable. I just want to help people and make them feel better about themselves. If you have any problems, message me if you can and I will try my hardest to help.

soulofmusic soulofmusic
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Thank you sis. You have a wonderful soul too even though you refuse to admit it.