Why You Can't Borrow Money From Friends

So, my best friend OFFERED (as in, said she would pay without me even mentioning or insinuating I wanted her to pay) to pay $50 a few weekends back at the airport. My luggage was overweight and there wasn't anything I could do... It was 6 in the morning, and all I wanted to do was get the bag out of my life for the next few hours while I flew. So, after realizing that I wouldn't be able to get the money for her any other way, I agreed to letting her pay the fee. Now, it's not like it "put her out" or took money away from her doing other things... as it was put on a credit card...one which already has such a high spending debt that $50 would be like adding extra sugar to Kool-aid (it wouldn't matter). I said I would get it paid back as soon as I could get the money and left it with that.

Now, a few weeks later, I am instantly bombarded with the phrase "my mom...." and it has the words "money you owe" attached somewhere near the end. Now I'm not going to disrespect anyone's mother, but unless you are either A) My mother or B) The mother whom, at 6AM, decided to lend me money, I don't really desire or respect being told to pay up ASAP. To me, it sounded more like "It's the end of the month, so please pay your damn $50 so I don't have to use my well earned money to pay my credit card this month." Sure, this might not have been the case, but does that make a difference in the scheme of things? No. Ask me for the money at some other time OTHER than when you are busy paying YOUR bills. Because, although I owe you $50, my best friend made the accusation that "her mom shouldn't have to be responsible for paying what I owe". I AGREE... but paying off credit cards isn't a selective process. You don't just go in and say "I want to pay for the walmart and gas purchase, but I think I will not pay for this and this." No... you just go and pay a certain dollar amount...who knows what that may have been.. Could be "My" $50 or could be Chinese food from 2 months ago...who knows?

So to make things equal, I did say I would give the money when I got it...but that's not happened and my friend is more than aware of that. She knows I am merely a college student on summer holiday. I don't have a job currently and live in a household where only 1 parent holds a job. It's enough to have to worry about supporting myself and my parents paying off their bills that HAVE to be paid....not someone's credit card that will take the next 10 years to be paid off.

I'm not saying my fried was necessarily in the "wrong"... I'm merely saying that I don't think the situation was handled in a very adult, friendly, and proper manner. I'm not a dog. You can't force me to sit or to bark... You have to wait until I am ready and willing. I've proven to be a trustworthy person again and again, but feel somewhat insulted to be put on the spot, and then somehow made into making it look like it was my fault? My fault that I started this "argument", etc.

I'm sorry dear, but had I not been pestered then A) We wouldn't have argued and B) You would have gotten your money a lot sooner. Insulting me will only get me angry. Understanding my situation will get me generous.
cecillia2010 cecillia2010
18-21, F
May 29, 2012