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Please stop portraying your own weakness to others seeking help. That makes you more weak and low in front of others. The fact is the strength that you need to over come any situation lies there in you itself. You just need to dig it and use it!!

No one is weak, nothing could make anyone depress, even no one can make anyone down, unless he or she allows it to make himself/herself down/depress or weak!

Think about it!

We are here in world to share the joy and happiness!
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We are all too powerful beyond measure, some are just too afraid to use that power and would rather hide under the veil of his/her own weakness, hoping to find solace in despair. I did.

True words..

Hi thanks for your kind words, but sometimes its not always that easy to be strong. I know noone can make me feel sad without my consent, but when I was younger I didn't know this and I used to get bullied alot. The same feeling has stayed with me and brought my confidence down......I am alrightish now, but its still hard.

yeah! Its true. Sometimes its not easy to be strong.

But that 'sometimes' !! that's the challenge! deal with it! that sometime is not going to be your 'all time' unless you allow to. So deal with it and move on. Such 'sometimes' will make you stronger for the next time! :)

I am glad to hear you! Keep it up and live the life!

That is so true! Wow your really know how to make a person feel better. Thanks once again, I m glad I shared this with you!
All the best for your life!! :D

Life is beautiful! :)

Yep!! :D

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