I Hate The Law, And School, And My Family!

Ok, I hate cops so much, I wanna ******* get them all fired and worse.

This is my story.

Alright, so, I dont really like to go to school, because its boring as ****, and our school does kids wrong. They dont even teach us, they expect us to learn on our own. And to be honest, Id rather sit at home, stoned off my *** all damn day long.

So, I started skipping school, because it was boring and all, and I ended up having to go to court. I was charged with being unruly, and truency, Only un ruly, because my ***** of a mom didnt want to get in trouble.

Alright, so, They charged me with unruly, and truency. I ended up having to go to counciling, by court order, Wich im still not in, and thats my moms fault, but the court pinned that on me.

So, 103 days later, I am still skipping school, and I face another charge. They are going to put me on probation, and thats not right. If a kid doesnt want to go to school, they shouldnt have to. Sure itll help them get a job and all that bullshit, but thats not the point. I believe a kid should be able to live their life while they still can as a kid, instead of wasting their time in a pointless ******* school.

Alright, so my family came here today, and wouldnt tell me why they were all here. The cops were suppose to come, but they didnt because my mom is out of the state. She is a total *****, she even missed my fathers birthday, to help her friend move, and honestly, how the **** am i suppose to go to school, if I have no one to support me. I am seriously about ready to say **** it and run away, or kill myself, or just go straight to jdc again, because this is a bunch of bullshit. Either way I go, i get ****** by the law, and honestly, I am getting tired of it.

This family is nothing but a drama filled bullshit family, and they dont care about jack ****, but themselfs. I dont know my point of writing this story, I guess I just need some opinions.

So can anyone help me with this? I dont know what to do anymore.
Thanks for reading about my problems, and advice would be much help.

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Dude. You have been through A LOT. I have just left school myself and I know exactly what you mean Teachers are really bad, they don't listen to kids and don't take their decisions seriously. It's stupid I get it, but what I don't get is your mum. Why isn't she there for you. I mean shes your mum, and god just listening to this makes me hate the law and police to! Just remind me of the situation you are in now, like are you going back to court? The only real advice I can give you is just act your way out Act humble, act like you care. You'll get out of the situation you are in and try and then you can start fresh. Run away, do what ever it is. Wait I have just seen your age.....move in with a relative that treats you better. You can do this, we kids are stronger than what adults think!

The thing is, My family is a bunch of drama filled so and so's, who I hate. And, I am going back to court, and probably end up in juvenille delinquient center (jdc), wich is stupid, because I didnt do jack s***, and my mom could care less. She just got back from a trip to california, and now she's going to the bahamas, and she isnt helping at all. My dad just doesnt do **** besides yell, and ***** about everything, and insults me all the damn time. He ****** me off more then the rest of my damned family.

This is really messed up. Is there absolutely no one else you can turn to as regards to family for help? I don't know how else to help you. Your in America right? I don't really know it works over there. I am from England. She is really bad mother, and should not be treating you like this at all. What the hell is her problem! Seriously she could try and care a little for her son!! That just gets me sooo mad!
Like I said I don't know how else to help you but thanks for wrinting. Its good to let things out when things are a bit to much. Just think though soon this will be over with, and you can carry on with your life.
All the best Eazy.

Not really any of my family will help me, because we just dont see eye to eye, and they think Im a bad kid because of the charges, and i dont consider her my mother anymore. Lately she has been telling me to go to bed early, and not letting me eat during the night time, or letting me drink during the night time, and my dad yells at me because my mom yells at me, and they are startin to like yell at me, she threatens to beat me, aswell as him, and I honest to god do nothing to deserve this, I just want out, but dont know how.

Thanks ~Eazy

Oh wow. I can't beleive people from your own faily could treat you like this. Its insanity, and your profile says you are younger then 16. I mean who treats children like this!!!
You should ring childcare or something. You can't take this nonsense anymore. Tell them that your parents beat you and treat you like your worthless. Your not anything they make you out to be. If I were in your case I would ring child line. You are better of with a proper family that care for you.
Trust me. That's why the rest of your life is so messed up, because you have to deal with your "parents" if you can call them that.

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