I was about 14 when I started cutting. I started cutting because I was abused by my ex-stepdad and I just I dont know why I did it and I still dont know why I did it but today I am a 16 year old junior that is going to graduate with extra credits. there is hope. whenever you are in a dork place you just have to think why do I have to do this and what is so bad with my life when I have a better life than most people now I dont know all of your stories but this is what I thought to myself and I quit cutting when I had just turned 16 I have not cut sceince then so Now i am dealing with a lot of my friends that are cutting and everyday gets harder but i am making it throught and i need some advice on what to do and to tell them on why they should stop i mean every story is different i would like to hear your ideas
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hey i can understand where your coming from i am trying to stop cutting my dad pushes me into walls and hits me, things can improve but you have to stand up for yourself first, i knocked down my dad and hurt him but now he doesn't mess with me

I'm sorry your story is sad and I'm glad it is getting better. But I am very sorry you got no replies. Does nobody listen?
I don't know if I can help - I never cut (lots of self abuse, but that's different!), I'm an old dude, mostly happy. But life is tough when the home you live in is hostile. I mean, where else can you go?!? Maybe it seems the only way is to retreat into inside your own body, your own mind. But then they follow you there too. (Up your bum or in your ears, anywhere they can get in.) No escape. So you cut yourself, and you hope they feel it too. Except they don't, that's impossible.
What can you do? Some people will say go to the police. Courts, social workers, media, yuck, only do that if you want to keep being miserable.
So maybe get a posse of friends and any other abused people you know. Hide them around the corner. Confront the a_hole, (be brave), tell him or her or it/thing to leave you the h3ll alone. If they object, show them your army. Then get outta there, find somewhere else to crash.
Meh, I dunno. Maybe the choice is Keep doing the same, or, Start doing different.
And keep doing good at school. Brain is important, especially when idiots say it isn't.
Love and Strength,
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