My Empathic Dream

I was taken by the group name "I am here if anyone feels they need someone to talk to." I would like to be connected to more people who are good at listening to each other without judgment or criticism. In my experience, people are all to quick to offer advice, or their own stories, when all I'd really like is to be heard out.

Part of the reason why I am writing on an anonymous blog is to help me get the entirety of my thoughts out without any interruptions or feelings of being judged.

I do have one friend who I can talk to about things, who offers me a feeling of being completely heard down to the bone. Her attention is so precious! When she listens to me, I feel like a little innocent child being watched over by a loving adult --- someone who sees me for who I am, and who I have the potential to become. What a massive gift.

karla659 karla659
36-40, F
Dec 8, 2012