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Need To Talk

once again i am up and cant sleep, why can't i stop think about my bestfriend raping me??? i really need to talk to someone i can't stop crying, y did he do this to me??? its like i am being tormented in my mind. i keep hearing his voice and i feel out of breath :'( i hate him sooooo much
soniekia soniekia 18-21, F 6 Responses Dec 11, 2012

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That is NOT a friend!!!! Have you spoke to him since this? You HAVE TO confront him!! make sure you are in a public place when you do! If you need to talk- I am here. I am sorry!!

He friend , it pains to hear u cant sleep. I ve a few suggestions for you. Pls try them.

1. Remove any gifts or things out of sight he gave you.
2. If u can afford leave for a different place. Prefer staying with a good assuring friend.

3. Practice slow deep breathing n retain n exhale slow. This will calm u.L

4. Dont readsensational , thrilling novels n news items.

5. Listen to soft classical music. I suggest you mozart 40 th symphony, ravels bolero, beethoven symphony 9 to nsme a few. Youtube has all . Try for more.

6. Life is a wheel. Good days are just ahead NOT far.

Get back with result asap. Good Luck.

Bless your heart. Hope you do not mind me writing firstly. I am, in effect, invading your space so forgive me if that is how it feels.
I was hurt, in a similar way to you. Mine lasted for 9 months. That is how long it took for me to get away from him. I tried 9 times in 9 months. So I know abit of how you feel.
I felt a hatred for him that never felt for anyone in my life. I hated the way he had so little regard for people, they were there for him to hurt.
But by hanging on to the anger I was carrying on with the acts, vile acts.
I began to think of the differences between us. I spent time around men in parks innocently playing with their children, soaking up the innocence. I saw him for what he was, an evil sad individual that would never know true live like me, didn't know what to do with it, would always be surrounded probably by people like him.
I separated him from me by just seeing him for what he was and, more importantly, seeing myself for who I was.
To take back my life. Thats what I needed to do. I think if men do that to us they enjoy the thought in a way that they can make our lives stand still. What better way to win my life back than to take the slow steps back to being ME again. Because when a man helps himself he takes more than sex, it feels like he has taken your very soul, that's how I felt. After 49 days every cell in your body will be renewed so there will be no part of you with his touch on it, you are all new again, inside and out.
So you can concentrate on remembering that beautiful, innocent woman inside, the one that helped others with no expectation of anything in return, the beautiful person who has no problem - he after all IS the one with a serious problem.
Take your life back darling, leave the anger with him - take your life back. It is a terrible thing, even more reason to take your life back - your body is your property and it is clean, and you are a human being, none of that stops because of one person. God Bless, hope you don't mind me writing. Hope it helps. Please take your life backxxx do it for you because you deserve it. Leave HIS problem with him where it belongs.

I wish I was able to give more help. Feel better soon :/

Talk to me

thank u

I also will talk to you and I am here for you

ok thanx

Your very welcome