Make Me Feel Free

I just wanted to let you know that. I am over you. It took me years. But I tell you this. I am over you. You made me feel like ****. Like utter ****. I wanted to be with you because no one else would be with me. Well I haven;t been with anyone else. Things have been going fine for me. Nothing has changed. One thing has changed. I have learned to be without you. I have learmed to go away from you. YOu have taught me things about myself. I notice that, I dont like to be alone. But I learned to deal with it. I accepted it. I learned to handle it. But being with you made me feel insecure. You made me feel bad. We both had leadership qualities. You wanted to lead me. You wanted to control me. I can not let that be. I think about you sometimes. Not enough to be back with you. Its over and, I dont feel bad. I am moved on, and it doesnt feel bad. Things are different. its not so bad. I am changed. Was it you who did that? No baby I dont want you back. I want you to go. Away from away from me. TO be honest. I dont want a relationship, But a quick **** or 2. Yea thats it. Nothing serious. I want to play. I have been to hurt far away. Things have changed. Yeah I dont want to give my heart away. Its to precious. I am doing jsut fine. I love you Rico I love you. You mean so much to me. BUt thats a lie that is not true at all. WWHY DO YOU LIE TO ME!? is it because? what>? I am rich? or because I am ugly. AM I UGLY!? dont you love me? Nope probably not. I dont think so. I think you like the money. Are you going to leave me. It doesnt matter because I dont want you. I am GONE
mystuff414 mystuff414
May 19, 2012