Its Ok... I Wnt Judge You

most people are scared to tell someone whats going on inside them because they dont want to get judge but, i've heard almost everything. from life stories about rapes to life stories about witnessing a murder. i know im only 13, but people around the world call me to help counsil younger kids from ages 3-16. even the kids that are older than me tell me everything. i dont just listen though, i can give advice if you need it, but if you dont want it i dont give it. i respect people who come and talk to me, and what we talk about doesnt get passed around from ear to ear. if you need someone i guess alot of people can be there.

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When people find themselves in need of counsel it's best to seek a support group. Try not to read more into others than they are willing to admit to you. Not everyone is able to find comfort in the depths of their own problems.

Truefully, if I did not know your age, I would say your older. Well if I went through some of the things you have been through, I guess I would age too, mentally.<br />
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Word of thought, is just poke around EP and look for those topics that catches your heart and post in it. Don't expect some to go looking for someone. Most of the time no one will come. That's just the truth. You already said you know it. So just because no one came to this topic does not mean no one wants to talk.<br />
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Secondly because of your age, people are locked from contacting you directly through your PM's UNLESS you contact them first or you add them as a Friend. I discovered that one with a different person, I been talking to. - FYI<br />
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But good deal that your willing to allow someone to share their pain with you. I think that is the greatest gift anyone can give.