Venting, If You Ever Want to Vent.

If you ever want to vent then I'm always here (early 30s is about the limit), I'm a great listener. I might not be able to offer much words of wisdom but I sure can take it all in and let out a smile or a laugh or even a few calming words. I'm here for you, you tell me the problem and I will try my up most to help you.

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No! Your in my circle so that means your my friend. You can say anything, I'm here for you too.

Aww thanks...

Thank you,<br />
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I feel the same for you ;)

haha. If your ever upset, or need to just let something out, I'm here for you.

haha ,, early 30 ? you're funny ! <br />
<br />
my half friends are over 30 and I think there're lots of 3o+ here.. Some of them are great & cool but some is mature at age but not brain =)<br />
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Btw,, Im 20 only Oops ;)

I just didn't think both myself and the person venting would feel compfortable if there was a big age difference. I am only 19. =)

Early 30s is about the limit of what? You sound like a really nice guy with his heart in the right place.I hope you aren't limiting yourself to only certain people who meet a certain criterion.

Oh, thanks. =)

I'm here, vent away.... PM me if you want.