EP is the only place I can really be honest, with myself and with others. I came up with an all new username (which I love) and have told no one I know that I am on here. I love being anonymous, it's the only way I can really open up. My entire life I have been a liar- I had to be, because my parents were ultra conservative and pretty good liars themselves. Lying became such a part of my nature that I even began to believe some of the lies myself. BUT seeing that you guys don't know me personally (or my parent's for that matter) it is so much easier to, for once, tell the truth. Thanks for listening :)
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I, too, came here to be myself. In real life people won't hear the truth and won't believe it, always act like that is a joke. To keep a (kind of)peaceful, moving life, one needs not to show/tell certain things.<br />
I hope you have good time here.

I love this site because I can vent, share my thoughts and feelings and not be condemned for having them. To be able to open up and have others relate and understand is so awesome to me and I appreciate this site very much!

Thanks for admitting that.