If You Had Known Me; You Would Not Believe That I Am "me"

I love anonymity here at EP. I am able to think through, write about and discuss a very personal and controversial topic with TOTAL ANONYMITY.

I realize that this anonymity has awarded me the enlightenment of seeing, in writing, how I truly feel about NO LONGER BEING A CHRISTIAN. I had not had anyone in real life, other than my husband, whom I could share or even attempt to discuss the process of deconversion that I traveled. 

I love the total freedom that I can write the words "I am no longer in delusion" without having to explain what I have learned to someone who could not understand it anymore than I could have grasped it just over a year ago.

I am HERE at EP; first and foremost, BECAUSE of its anonymity. I have taken this opportunity to invest in my own personal growth; and with the help of so many wise, creative and thoughtful "friends", I am VERY HAPPY to be here.

THANK YOU for allowing me to remain "anonymous".

I REALLY appreciate it.
Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
46-50, F
4 Responses Apr 27, 2012


Love back to you too.


Anonymity is a warm blanket that protects us from being judged by others and sometimes from being judged by ourselves :)

the former does not concern me and the later; definitely is minimized by this anonymity...thanks for the reply!!!

same here

So glad that there are others who feel the peace and freedom of anonymity here at EP!!