I Hide

I use different screen names now for each website I join. I do not want people to follow me all over the internet to see what they can use against me and take out of context. I also refuse to post personal photos of me on certain websites because I do not want to be seen by anyone in real life and see what I read online to fire me from my job or if I ever have to look for a job if something happened to my current one. I also like using a different email address now for real life, I also do not say my husband's name or son's name because I don't want to be found. I also do not tell anyone in real life what user names I use online. I even have a blog and I only say my nickname and I do not say my location or name of the company I work for or where I work or my husband's name or my son's name and I do not post photos of me (not showing my face be fine) and I will not be posting photos of my new home. I also will not post photos of my husband and my son.

I like my life to be separate from real life and I want my personal life to be separate from work.

And a couple people have told me I am paranoid. Sorry but I have had a bad experience and also the horror stories I have heard in the news so it's a warning for me to be careful so I decided to be sneaky by making it harder for people to find me. They have to try and find me on other websites. Good luck.
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Hi, I fully agree with you, to hide and use different screen names on each website. I had to learn as well, that it is better to use a screen name on websites I joined recently. I should done it earlier.

About a year ago, one of my aunt died. With one of my cousin I was in contact since my uncle and aunt couldn`t write so well anymore. She lived with them and helped them with the daily routine. She gave me the news that she died.

I went with my wife to the funeral. There another cousin told me it is easy to find you on the Internet. Easier than my brother and sisters. He told me, that he found me on Google and that I have a facebook account. I was very suprised to find me on Google, I had no connection with them. At home I checked my name there. I found it on Google, Yahoo and others. My name, photo and infos. There is more than one person with the same name, but the photo tells you everything. I was suprised, that everybody could see my info page, that only friends have the right to see. After a few month it disappered on the sreen. I am retired now from work and the "bosses" have no more reason to check on me on the net. I wouldn`t be suprised that they did it before. Should they know something, so what!