Anonymity is a right that most of us have been robbed or given up on our own free will. I believe we like to reveal ourselves because it is our human nature. Staying anonymous however, lets us share parts of our personality and emotions that we aren't normally able to freely express with our friends, family, collegues, and co-workers... As does starting or joining a new group we have the opportunity "to be" anyone we wish. Keeping this in mind and adding the factor of total secrecy (no one knows you use this site, no one from this site knows where you are, what you look like or anything) makes this an opportunity that I don't think should be so easily passed up.
Why do you want to be anonymous?

~Your Friend
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1 Response Oct 12, 2012

because people take things the wrong way and I mean way out of context

Maybe you need to talk to different people?

~Your Friend