Salutations my unknown visitors! Before we discourse I would like you to read these following rules that apply to my profile and privacy.Make sure you read carefully :

1.Before you add me to a circle,make sure you introduce yourself,or else I won't add you back.Common sense and proper grammar are required.Leave the drama out,I can't stand it.

2.Make sure you behave decently.If you treat someone nicely,there's a great chance that you will get treated the same way in return.It's all about manners~.

3.I am not here to date,flirt,have cyber sex or anything heinous of that sort.So,if you are an old,dirty creep,looking for a fap or two,don't even bother talking to me.

4.Do NOT ask me for my name,or my personal information,I won't share it,unless I figure out that I can truly trust you.Meaning,I'll disclose that sort of information on my own whim (though that'll hardly happen).I actually included revealing some of my information because I still believe there are some genuine people out there,and I'm just that good of a person.

5.Again,questions.You are allowed to ask them,but if they're stupid,I won't answer them,they are simply going to be ignored,much like the user who asked them.

6.I will always check out your profile troughoutly before I add you to my circle,and even more so before I make you my friend.

These rules are prone to further editing.
Nyxeh Nyxeh
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

god who the **** would want to add you.

Someone would,so there,in your face! :P

I thought you required proper grammar before you discourse i think you mean discuss not that i would want to discourse or discuss anything with you.