I have already shared things here that I have never shared with anyone else.  I will probably share more things here that I could never share with someone face to face.  I really can't imagine saying everything that I have said here to someone across the breakfast table ... and to be honest, having said some of the things I have said, I'm not sure I would want to sit across the breakfast table from people who had heard me say them!

By being anonymous here I can be honest.  Totally and completely honest.  I truly feel that I could not be this honest if I were not anonymous -- I think this is one of the beauties of EP.

I have not plans to post photos of myself or to share my email address with people... here on EP I am anonymous and plan to stay that way and I also plan to continue to be me ... totally open and honest and willing to say what I think and feel.

Anonymously.  Really.



SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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Nicely is wonderful to have a forum where one can unburden their soul. I could never dream of telling people face to face what I disclose here

I agree with you as well. It was not until yesterday that I felt safe enough to post a real picture of myself. I have been a member for about three years now. All my other pictures or of scenery.

I agree with all of you. How would you feel if I said I wasa fella who likes wearing, No loves wearing feminine clothes, especially stockings. This is something only I know, I do not know what the people who know me would think if they knew. That is perhaps the benefit of being here we can talk about things that we possibly cannot speak of to anyone else,suppose it is a kind of therapy really.

I think it's a great outlet

My inner life is about learning to nurture. The anonymity of this site lets me safely map out my feelings, before I decide what I'm going to let into my public life.

I have also written the experiences in my life which I have never shared with anybody.Even the closest friend of mine will never belive that those are written by me.Thanks for the annonimity provided by EP.

That is totally what I am talking about! Good hearing from you Labyrinth!

i agree sweetie. it's the fact that you can be YOU - it's total freedom. :)<br />
Keep it up!!!

Thanks, but I'm not talking about my politics here!

Total Agreement, Carrie!

By being anonymous here I can be honest. I agree with everything you said. I am shy and would never be able to tell everything I say here to people around me. Anonymous friends are beautiful:)