Have to Throw In a Little Paranoia

I've been thinking about the anonymity EP affords us.  For some folks that's not such an important issue, but for me it is.  I wouldn't want my "real world" friends to read everything I've written on this site, or even be too nosy about which experience groups I've joined.

But I also blog in public forums.  And it started occuring to me that if I write similar ideas using almost identical words, both on my public site and on this site, a Google search will bring up everything I've written, on any site.

All the stories on EP are crawled and indexed by all the search engine bots.  Now I'm not crazy paranoid.  Any search results including what I've written may be buried pages and pages deep most times.  But suppose I wrote a great blog post that included a memorable metaphor, and (as it happened) I'd written on the same topic here, using the same metaphor.

Now someone wants to find my original, public post (because it was just so darn good!, lol!) and all he can remember is the metaphor, so he Googles it 'cuz he figures it'll lead him to the post he remembers reading somewhere.  And lo and behold, what comes up?  TWO results:  one written by ******* and one written by RomanticIdiot, and btw, isn't it amazing how their writing styles are so similar?

Far-fetched?  I don't know.  It could certainly happen to someone who writes a lot and consciously or unconsciously tends to overuse/reuse certain phrases.  But I'm not telling anyone to get paranoid or not to write.  Just...be cautious....remember the bots are everywhere.

romanticidiot romanticidiot
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6 Responses Feb 23, 2009

haha!! oh, i can totally relate. i first came here to have a place to get things off of my chest w/o too many reprocussions, but i really don't use it that way. not anymore. <br />
ah well. still fun, anyway.

akm: I've made the experience that even if you change your screen name, it will be redirected to your new name lol, so maybe here the quote applies: delete yourself, you got no chance to win ( from atari teenage riot)

There is a service that makes searches not pull up this site. I sure hope it works

Sounds like the title to a song "Bot alot"

I completely feel the way you do!!! I changed my screen name jsut for that google reason!!!

You just added to her paranoia, didn't you?<br />
But nonetheless you are right. If you have a particular style of writing and your friends do happen to stumble upon your stories here, there is a good chance they could at least wonder. So, the key for you would be to never ever advertise this site. Keep it like your dirty little secret. <br />
And if someone does mention it, act as though this is not something you would ever be interested in.<br />
And as always there is the defensive answer... you don't need to be anonymous, you are like an open book that is why you share all your other public blogs.<br />
Being prepared... is how you stay anonymous... at least that is what i believe