So the question is always, "If you can't show me a photo or let me hear your voice, how do I know you're really a girl?" Let me tell you, if I *was* a guy pretending to be a girl, I could fake it *with* photos and phone calls, too.

I know this from a traumatic experience that my friend went through. She had an intense, tragic romance with a man she met on line but then saw in photos, and heard on the phone... and in the end the whole thing turned out to be fake, by a woman.

So you will just have to trust me without any visuals or audio, just like you would have to trust me anyway.

Mind you, if I flip it around and ask "how do I know if you're really a guy" or "how do I really know how old you are" or whatever... I actually don't care! I enjoy people, not categories. Present yourself any way you want to here, I know I'm getting some part of the real you, just like anybody else would be.
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Well said. So many of us protect our anonymity for our own variety of reasons, I totally agree with you. :)

I don't care about gender I care about personality

;) fair comment. and like you I like a bit of annoymity.

So True<3

I like the beautiful mystery!!!!