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Of Executioner Masks And Men

That's one of my most favorite things about this site, that it leaves everyone anonymous. I don't care about sharing if people know who I am, that much I can do with great ease. The thing of paramount importance to me about this quality is that in most normal conversations elsewhere, dialogue, thought and understanding are polluted subconsciously and exponentially by the conditioning of the perception of appearance. Here we are all allowed to exist as word and thought alone; we are more pure in definition I suppose would be my point. Whether one is ugly or cute will not take away from the spectrum of their mind. It is nice to talk with people that aren't more pliable to my crazy opinions because of something nothing to do with them like my body, I work out for me, to feel impervious, and though being gawked at from time to time is flattering I really don't give a **** about it, I care more about learning then I do sex. On the other hand perhaps one were to find me ugly, would that make more of my opinions wrong, would less care to hear them? This also keeps my mind free from it's prosecution ability on others over such trivial attributes and allow me to study others on this site with a less bias opinion. Of course not all barriers of biased subconsciousness can be negated, I still find myself more compelled toward the voice of the fairer sex by instinct, unfortunate yes but at least I have a little less to fret over.  

havochound havochound 22-25, M 2 Responses Feb 5, 2010

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Awe thanks, although my structure in general needs improvement I'm pretty fond of my writing.

Very well written--I enjoyed reading this because it's rare to find people on here who write like you do. Kudos.