All those who wish to discuss their various systems of belief are free to do so here. All heart felt opinions of the universe and whatever you believe keeps it in check are welcome in this group. So don't be shy to post a story or in the forum. I'm looking forward to some heated debate from the EP community. Oh and if you enjoy this group don't be afraid to spread the word about it.
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The way to change the world is to change people's minds. As more and more people openly discuss the fact that "God" and "Allah" are completely imaginary, the world becomes a better place. The people who believe in "religion" look sillier and sillier. Eventually, religion becomes a fringe activity that is meaningless.

So what logical means do you use to figure out how it all came into existance.

Logic and understanding of the natural world around me.

So what is the main reason you are atheist. This is for either of you

hey butterman, nice idea for this site, looking foreword to some sky talkers joining us

Spiritual or whatever works as well. I'm atheist by the way. I mostly made this group for people to go to instead of invading groups of opposite beliefs.

Only religious. how about spiritual. Am I to assume you are atheist or agnostic. (Sorry but I haven't yet checked out your profile)