I Am Here To Make Friends

I have been on EP for sometime now and have interacted with some lovely people. Lots of good support and great feed backs. This site has opened me to a different world all together. Surprising thing is that I studied Masters in social work which teaches nothing about so much that this site has to share on love, relationships, longing, wandering, the different journey that people take to reach where they want to be in life. But in many ways my social work degree helps me to connect with lot of people due my training in not judging people for any reason what so ever. But what most surprised me is that while I was studying social work, I studied human sexuality as a dual program. Having come from a traditional Hindu/Punjabi family I wanted to learn more about human sexuality. I also wanted some answers on my owns sexuality. But the program was so in the face that after 15 credits I dropped out. So finding EP has helped a lot. I can read stories shared by people in my circle and others on EP and learn so much from them. I joined EP by accident not knowing what I was getting into. For the first few weeks it was all shocking and uncomfortable experience but now I enjoy being on EP. I am here to make friends, find the love of my life if possible and Marry her. Now why here and not anywhere else. Well because I think this one site where I think I can really relate to many people and the hope is that through my friendships on this site, I will find that special person here on EP.
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Jan 9, 2013