Well this is pretty much a intro get-to-know me kinda thing so here it's I'm a freshman in highschool (yeah bummer) anyways as you can tell from my user name I love to write, I mainly write stories but I can write anything, I love music, drawing and meeting knew people I'm four ft ten XD so yeah I'm short haha well that's about it I guess USA there now that's it :3
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Hey!😊 I love to read and write and all that. Haha. We should totally hear some stories from you😊 I am willing to read. Do you have a Wattpad app or anything??

Do you have a wattpad accounnt I could read your stuff on?

Interesting tho

Hello, nice to meet you my name is Manuel (I know I have a dumb username I made it to look at a story) I'm a sophomore in high school and if you'd give me a chance to be your friend I won't let you down.


Great I enjoy making new friends.


Awww, you're tiny and cute!


Hey add me I like to draw to!


Hi how are you?!

good :) u? chat?