I've been on EP for a while now and have met some really great people that have become my friends. We've never met in real life and chances are never will but they are still friends none the less. We laugh, joke, insinuate, and vent to one another about various subjects or things going on in our lives.

Up until recently I've just limited my interaction to a few but over the past week or so I've met some really cool people. Isn't this what this site is for...to interact? Now I do understand that not everyone will get along or even connect but if you have a few moments, I'm sure you can find someone that you have something in common with.

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It really is about sharing yourself...that's what I love...as well as a good laugh. :D

This is all so true! You're one of the very good friends I've connected with here, and in my book, way cool! Nobody I'd rather give a haircut to!

And you are awesome too. Nobody I'd rather receive a haircut from either ;)

and you my dear are on the list of good friends I've made on this site :-)

The same goes for you too ma'am

I'm happy for you, honestly. And I thought that was the purpose of this site. You found friends, replied to threads that you shared an interest. It isn't so. I've seen threads of people trying to get others banned for disagreeing with them. I'm disgusted

That is what making new friends is all about u said it i cherish the friends I made on here we may differ but that is what making friends is all about!!

You are right there are some great people on here and you are one of them...... Accept for the fact that you like the BRONCOS...,lol. GEAUX SAINTS. :-)

I hate the Broncos..I just liked the last great Bronco run pic..lol. I'm a cheese head ;)

Oh my. Is it because Brett farve is from MS?

No. Only because he's awesome...lol

He was awesome I have to give him that. But he went down in history with the SAINTS!!!!!

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