Please Find Someone Else

I love this site for the friendship and understanding I get from it, lately I have been receiving strange emails looking for things I can't deliver.

I am sorry, please don't be offended, just find someone else who might be interested. I am not.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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My dear husband introduced me to EP, then when I posted my first story, I discovered everyone knew about me ! He (Balboaguy) had written all about our courtship and our children etc. I felt as though there was little I could add. One person here, encouraged us to write about the same event or time period and give the female perspective on the event. It definitely made for some interesting comments. LV. I miss him so much

Thank you, I'd love that

You can feel safe talking to me hon, I just like the company. I live with my bf and I like to cook and clean and play on the computer, I like to go out and dance and have drinks once in awhile. I have two son's that are 25 and 21 and I have a 3yr old grand daughter.

Looks like another friend deleted it's profile! and it looks like I am talking to myself!<br />
<br />
@ A rose rises: I didn't know they mark profiles! I know there are some people with red dot on their profiles, but I know some of them and they are great persons and great friends, but the red dot means they have adult experiences.

I don't want to lock anyone, but yes there is

Thank you, I'll check out your comment

I have never been to your country, but I love it. You join or create experiences, write stories in them, read your comments, answer them, read others stories, comment on them, recommend good stories, or not on good comments

Thanks, I have no idea, could be K2!

Like the group logo. What peak is it?

Thank you, everyone should know, it is ok to say NO sometimes.<br />
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Thank you for reading this.

This is a great thing to share with people LordVoldemort I think that some people are embarrassed to admit they get these things and aren't sure how to handle it , well done you :) !

Thank you for joining,

I'm glad that you created this group. More people should join so they wouldn't be contacted by pervs anymore.

@must I like everyone: Thanks for reading this, yes you should be more careful

WOW i am glad i read this story....i was confused when someone wanted to chat, i didnt know them, and their status said "horny"....i promptly got off and told my husband ....every new person should check this out!

@ dorobo: well spoken, and really nice quote, can I use that?<br />
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@ set the serpent: yope

@ singer : thanks, I tried to be polite and make them leave.<br />
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@ JumboMonkey: you don't want to get it! believe me.<br />
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@ the littlest Hobo: I have that problem too, but that's fun. and don't worry, you never look like a pervert.

I thought you meant you were being drawn into having to PM all day. i have done that, but by my own fault! :)<br />
The presence of pervs on EP, really makes me feel uncomfortable. I always worry I'm gonna look like a perv just cuz I've got a M on my profile. I'm embarrased by that M sometimes. :(<br />
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W*nkers. >:

would one of you girls ever just get onto getting me one of those mails already eh?? <br />
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hahaha :D

Me....I go and e-mail them off the wall things.....<br />
<br />
Like once someone e-mailed me and said that they were playing with them selves......So I told them to get baack to me when their hand was not full.....hehehehe<br />
<br />
Or I just tell them...." Thank you for shareing"<br />
They get the hint...and they leave you alone....But the name the perv site...That is a great one....and they can go on it....and know who to hook up with.....hehehehehe



Good Idea, I might do it next time. thank you very much for the advice.

oh, you weren't. Wierd. Yeah ...thats pretty sick. you should block them and contact the admins. also, open a thread and say the names of the people on it, so everyone knows ..perhaps

I have been receiving emails from some perverts, just that. Like many other EPers<br />
<br />
Sorry, didn't mean to be offensive.

How do you mean?