You Be The Judge, Did It Happen Or Not!!!

surprise My two daughters and their four small children, ranging in age from six to six months, and I had gone to Amarillo to see my two sons. We were late and my oldest son said that we could spend the night in his apartment. As he helped us carry in the luggage he kept talking about how his girl friend stayed there with him. The place was a duplex apartment and he said that a little old lady and her husband lived next door. He left right away and told us he would be  back in the morning because he had a night job. He said the place had two bedrooms and that he would be back on his break to help us move the mattress from one bed to the other room for the children. We sat down on the couch and floor to watch TV and rest after the long trip. My grandson, Robert, decided to check things out as usual and headed for the back rooms. He came back to me and said, "Nana, there is a naked lady in the bed and she has white hair and she is asleep." I told him that it was his uncle Hank's girlfriend and not to go in there again. My daughter turned the TV down and I told everyone to be quieter. My daughter, Michelle, decided to see if Robert was telling the truth and started down the hall toward the bedroom. I followed her and stood back while she peeked inside the room. "Yes," she whispered, there is a young woman on the bed and she is on her side and she is totally naked! She is asleep and she looks sort of weird."
blushI waited until she had left and decided to take a peek myself to see if the woman was really asleep or if we had disturbed her. As I looked around the door I saw a young blonde woman on the bed on her stomach with a sheet wrapped around her mid section, but she appeared to be totally naked and asleep. I tip toed back to the living room and told my other daughter, Ginger. She also took a look and confirmed what we had seen. About an hour or so later my son came back and told Ginger and Michelle to help him carry the mattress in the other bedroom. Then he ask why we had the TV so low and I told him we did not want to disturb his girlfriend that was asleep in the bed.
surprise"What? My girlfriend, Julie, is visiting her mother and she is not here." He was quite confused. He walked down the hall, with us following, and said, "See there is no one here. I don't know what you think you saw but no one has been here all day."
       "But, son, we all saw a blonde headed, naked woman on that bed! She had a sheet half way on her and she seemed to be asleep! I said in surprise!
     "Well, I don't know what you thought you saw, but Julie has long brown hair and hasn't been here for two days." He moved the mattress and we all could not convince him of what we saw that night. He left for work and we checked the whole apartment and found nothing! We were all rather scared and yet relieved.
     Later on that night we went to bed and as the night went by I heard the awful sound of two people arguing in the duplex next door. I thought it was possibly the old couple that lived there and tried to go to sleep. As I was about to "doze off", I heard a loud noise and it sounded like someone came through the closet that divided the two duplex bedrooms and then they made a loud crashing noise as the exited through, of all things, the window by my head!!!! I lay there with the sheet on my head daring not to look out!!! I eventually fell asleep when it all quietened down!
     The next morning I told the girls about it but they said they heard nothing! When Hank arrived that morning, I told him that he had some noisey neighbors next door and that I could not believe the noise they made being an old couple like that and all. I thought they would have had more respect.
    "Momma," he said as he laughed out loud. "The old couple next door have been on vacation for two weeks and will not be back for two more weeks."
     "Son, you house is haunted and I want out of here as fast as possible!" I exclaimed. "The noise made me think that someone came through the closet and went through the window by my head like it was a door! I even heard it slam and glass busting! I was scared out of my wits! Please, tell me that you have heard at least some sort of noise that you could not explain!" I insisted.
     "No, momma, but you being psychic like you are, it is no wonder that you heard noises! Maybe a should call ghost busters." He joked about it a little because he knew that he had heard me tell of many stories that I had experienced. And he, too, had been there when "things went bump in the night"!
     We left the apartment and went to my other son's house and I was sure that what I saw and what I heard were unexplainable but real. When five people see the same thing then that is when it becomes real and not imagined! But I will let you be the judge. Was it real or was it just "one of those things that can not be explained or dealt with"? Anyway, I would like to hear from anyone that would like to comment on it. Thanks for listening.
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I actually believe it! Stranger things have happened!

Interesting story! It can be real, and scary! I've heard of possessed rooms and homes. Next time you visit, look for demonic items in the home. Books- even Stephen King books! (no joke!) images of trolls or anything demonic- related. And convince your son to rid of those quickly! They're dangerous!

I believe it happened! My Dad told me a story once of a friend of his that he served in the Airforce with. His friend was from Alabama and was driveing home on a 2 week leave. It was rainy and cold out when he spotted a young girl hitch hiking home,she had been to her high school prom, her friends had left early without her knowing it. He pick the girl up and drove her to the house she said she lived in. He noticed the house was dark inside,so he told her he would go see if anyone was at home. He knocked on the door,a light came on and a lady answered and said may I help you. He said I just picked your daughter up hitching hiking and brought her home. The lady said,son my daughter was killed 4 years ago walking home from her prom, He went back to the car and no one was in it.