Legally Kidnapped

Hi My  name is Kymmberli in 2004 I was arrested for receiving stolen property while my daughter was at school. I asked the police officer if I could call my father to  make arrangements to have her picked up from school. He said to give him the phone number and he would call, and he did along with CPS. Meanwhile they went to my house and school and found that all was ok except that I was still going to court so they advised me to file a temporary guardian ship to a responsible person they deemed to be fit if circumstances lead to me to any jail time. So the elected person was cleared by them and as I was told I faxed over the legal document.
I was sentenced 7 months in jail  after my second week I was paid a visit by a social worker stating my daughter was award  of the court. When I told the worker that I had faxed all the notarized  papers as she lifted it and said this one I knotted yes it was the paper I had sent . Then was notified it didn't mean anything. My daughters father who passed away when she was two had a very substantial trust fund who had to two benefactors himself and his sister when he passed it went to his only living heir my daughter and his sister this trust fund includes well over 500 apartment buildings housing over 10,00 people al with full occupancy and all of them mortgage free for almost fifty years. My daughters Aunt and me were not close to say the least and she was conveniently a social worker also in the same county Los Angeles. Well, my visitor the CPS worker in formed me that my daughter was in her custody ( the last person I would have wanted her to be. So for the first couple months I could never get ahold of them leaving numerous messages with the social worker as to who will bring my daughter to visit her being 5years old and near and I never being separated for moor than a day I going nuts missing and hoping she's all right her aunt has no kids of her own and never married. Three months in and I receive and visit from her and my daughter  my daughter very anxious for me to get home her Aunt stating my daughter being very loyal to me not letting anyone say anything bad about me what ever that meant. Well, I receive two more visit this time my daughter being with an ex boyfriend of mine and a close friend to my families at the time had brought her advising me that Teri the Aunt Had Bought them an apartment in Malibu for him and my daughter to live in. She had bought an apartment for him and my daughter to live in but we barely made rent every month my daughters school was costing me more than  my rent when I asked for help she Stated "If I cant take care of it" referring to my daughter she would so I never asked for help again.
I get out and am asked to take a parenting class and attend a drug counseling cause they were told I had before done drugs 8 years prior and had nothing to do with my arrest so it states they said. So now I have to randomly test for two agencies which was not a big deal if if it wasn't so far from where I lived and consistently interfering at work the social worker would consistently call my job I am an esthetician " I give facials and ask my receptionist why I was not able to talk to him if I was there.  Consistently she told him we cant leave a client in a treatment room unattended.
So I start family reunification and granted unmonitored visits I would pick her up from school everyday take her to the apartment her and my ex boyfriend were living at and boom 2 months left until this nightmare would be over and here comes an anonymous phone call stating I had brought my daughter into work with me and I had , she never left my side I would have been late to pick her up if I stayed and cleaned up after my last scheduled client e.g.: meaning take out trash and sanitize room i did my own linens instead use a service to save money,make sure wax pot was off etc.
From that moment on my heart was ripped out on daily basis now DCFS I stated was from then on to have monitored visits and had to pay $40.00 an hour the Aunt then made an issue stating  she thought my ex boyfriend wouldn't be able to protect my daughter from me as thought maybe we were seeing each other again a week later another anonymous call was made to the worker stating my daughter told the and the ex boyfriend touched her. i'm still testing for two agencies and probation officer wanted to see my work and home on a day I was also called to test for DCFS. My PO said he was going to test me so I called social worker told him I could not make it that my p.O had more priority and he replies "over getting my daughter back/"  Im thinking I cant be a mom if Im in jail.
The next day I get a Phone call from my Probation Officer stating to come to his office ASAP so I canceled  my clients from 3 pm through to the end of the day. I go to office to have soon immediately give me a UA and then escorted supervisor. He asked me if the officer had be to my work which he had. Then asked me if they had received a facial ? I could not comprehend why this was being asked this. It turns out The social worker had told his supervisor that I told him that I could not go to the UA test because it was conflicting with my PO coming for a facial due to the big widow of time being 12pm-2pm  to my Pro. Officers clients I had and that was a stipulation in reunification was a satisfied probation which I was discharged in 6 months two in a half years earlier than had been expected.
So Im on monitored visits 10 hours a week $40.00 an hour the Monitor Caring Hearts recommended by DCFS require an intake cost and of course Teri wouldn't pay. Then monitor states I'm very concerned with material things and buying Pristin things on our outings.
Well at forty an hour fulfilling payments for deposit & rent to a new residence  the UA test, Parenting Classes, Drug treatment program,  you could say I was real aware of dollar and of course you can only do so much on a visit that had be requested by Teri to be in a public place so Prestin wont get the idea to feel comfortable in home situation as she was before the supervised recommended visits. Need less to say before the Judge Zeke Ziedler from the children's court proceeded with restraining order then termination of my parental rights . Teri had my daughter serve me with the three year restraining order due to a" Car Chase" I had with nannie while my daughter was in the car. And then the words from the Judge as he terminated my rights were as goes I just want to commend you for completing all that was asked of you and jumping through all the hoops that were presented but that Prestin had many role models that could fulfill her parent child relationship and adoption out weighs the preservation and  severing  our relationship was in my child's best interest.

All I could think of was does anyone even know what my daughters favorite color is or her favorite park or her favorite food or that bunny was missing a favorite stuffed animal she had made lost and found posters of, with a self drawn portrait she had drawn; all this about what is in best interest for my child were those not the intimate details of some one with great interest. as this story will close and the video end the pain in my heart continues to ache continuously longing for her to know I love her I did not leave her cause i had more important this to take care of as she had been and always will be the most important thin I had to do. That she is the love of my life.Losing a child this way seems to be surreal that any justice system is based solely on hear say an innominate and nameless sources.

So as it stand two weeks ago I was served with court papers the Adopted parent of my daughter is suing me for 25,000.00 for stress due to the posting of a blog I have accusing her of parent alienation and the process of her aid to the legal kid napping of my daughter . I have spent so much on attorney fees and cannot budget legal aid to help me answer to her suit if anyone has a suggestion please email or comment .

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All I can say is that I am a Single Mother of one child a little girl also. Similar situation. Just remember, NO ONE knows our children better than we do. Keep your chin UP! Wipe your tears and definitly stay strong. In situations such as this, people use the Justice system against us through our tenderness of being loving mothers. They twist it and turn it into something it's not. I know it is not fair to us. Something is just missing...something very important and you may just be over looking the obvious. Do everything in your power to seperate your heart from your thoughts and figure out what that simple little thing is. Do not think for one moment that God intended for our children to be away from us. I believe the strength God gave us to endure child birth is the same strength we need to refer to , to get through situation such as this. You are her Mother. She needs you just as much as you need her. Start from the beginning and every little thing you feel that went wrong...write it down in a numerical list format and take it to any local attorney, at a prescheduled FREE consultation and only show them your conserns and ask them to help you. They will if you simplify your story from the beginning. You are not alone ...I promise. Good Luck just don't give in to the madness. She belongs with you and that is it...Period. I go through the same unmeasurable grief you are and I will not give up on my daughter...No matter what! God Bless and Good Luck :)